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We support our customers in vehicle testing with the aim of qualitatively securing the latest innovations and technologies in the whole vehicle system and bringing them to series maturity. We know the trendsetting innovation and mobility topics of the automotive industry and are proud to be able to each customer the complete range of vehicle testing services.

The only thing we want. Best quality!
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Global testing facility operation

As a reliable partner with over 20 years of experience, we offer the full service in the field of vehicle testing. Our core competences lie in the successful organisation of vehicle and endurance tests. This includes planning, execution and analysis. In addition to testing under extreme conditions, we also carry out tests on individual components. We always act according to our basic values of efficiency, quality, adherence to delivery dates, flexibility and customer orientation.

Quality testing under extreme conditions
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Continuing vocational education

Our wealth of experience is your security. Here you will find the latest knowledge in the forward-looking field of electromobility engineering: with practical training for your employees, advice for your electrical engineering organization or the variety of important technical services. You can take a relaxed look at tomorrow’s mobility if you already benefit today from comprehensive and well-founded competence in this field.

Continuing vocational education

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Be proud of what you do. Who doesn’t want to claim that? It is precisely for this reason that we are a team of specialists: each and every one of us has the finest mastery of his trade. Working together and creating great things makes us incredibly proud. We achieve our goals with the combined strength of competence, passion and curiosity. Join our team and experience what it means to realize a vision.

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Service provider for testing the complete vehicle

If you want to bring the latest innovations and technologies in vehicles to series maturity, then you have found the right partner in us.

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We achieve our goals with competence, courage and passion. Join our team and experience what it means to realize a vision.

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  • A new era begins

    It’s a beginning of a new era for us. We have become part of a larger entity. Our companies VadoTech and Zynit Singapore, including their subsidiary companies in China, Germany, Japan and Spain are now part of AB Dynamics PLC.

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  • Porsche Taycan proves endurance in vehicle testing

    It will take two and a half weeks until we see the serial version of the Taycan from Porsche. Until then, the near-series Taycan will undergo an endurance test on the high-speed track in Nardò (Italy).

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  • Windrad

    Fast as the wind

    How many revolutions does a wind turbine with 7.5 megawatts (MW) need to completely charge an electric vehicle with 100 kilowatt hours (kWh) battery capacity?

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