After 2,5 years of the coronavirus, employees finally travel to china again

After two and a half years of the coronavirus the time has finally come: VadoTech employees can once again travel to China. In September, four new employees prepared for their foreign assignment by participating in a high-voltage training course in our training centre in Berlin. We were able to interview three of the new employees: Alexander Lunkes, Marcos Gomez and Manuel Weidenfeller. They talked with us about the remarkable application process and their expectations.

Neue Expaten gehen nach China
Marcos Gomez (left), Alexander Lunkes, Nikolaj Folenweider and Manuel Weidenfeller (right)

Meet our new team members

Alexander is 30 years old and comes from the Bitburg area. As a trained automotive technician he has already been abroad – to Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and France, where he worked in materials handling with electric vehicles, in vehicle construction with cranes, in a car dealership and as a service manager in the commercial vehicle sector. In his free time Alexander most enjoys going on road trips and long-distance journeys.

Manuel is 31 years old and comes from Montabaur. He completed his master craftsman’s certification in Koblenz at the top of his class. Before that he worked as an automotive mechatronics technician and completed a course to become an automotive service technician. Manuel also likes to travel in his free time and is always up for a spontaneous weekend trip.

Marcos is 46 years old and comes from the car dealership business. He first trained as an automotive electrician before continuing his training as a service technician and becoming a chief mechanic. Marcos was a workshop manager and his profession also spills over into his free time. He restores older vehicles and enjoys riding motorbikes, and also likes to participate in mud races.

An interview with the expat team:

VadoTech: Our recruiting team is very pleased to add you guys to the workforce. You’re the first new employees that we can send to China again since the coronavirus crisis hit. Marcos, your job interview took place longer ago than the others. Do you remember when it was?
Marcos: My interview at VadoTech was in 2019. I actually have very positive memories of it. The interview took place with a recruiter and an electrical engineer who himself used to travel to stations around the world with VadoTech. I got a lot of direct information during our conversation, and it definitely piqued my interest. The coronavirus break was beneficial for me in that I could think about it longer and was then ultimately sure about my decision.

VadoTech: We’re lucky that you were so patient! Despite the long waiting time, how did you find the application process itself?

Marcos: The application process as a whole was very pleasant. Over the course of the pandemic I increasingly lost hope that things would work out. But VadoTech always kept me well informed. I never had the feeling I’d been forgotten.

VadoTech: We’re pleased to hear that of course. Thank you for your feedback! How did you find out about our job advert in the first place?
Alexander: I was searching on google for a new job, which is what led me to your website and your YouTube videos.
Manuel: I found the job ad when I was looking for jobs in Asia. I just wanted to get a rough overview and ended up on your website. Your videos were engaging and your recruiter also made me feel very comfortable.
Marcos: I simply typed “chief mechanic” into Indeed. It wasn’t a specific search or anything, but I was already looking for a new job and wanted to get away from the normal car dealership business and develop.

Why Vadotech?

VadoTech: Interesting! Why did you apply to us? What initially motivated and ultimately convinced you?
Manuel: The adventure! And your recruiter was also a positive force.
Alexander: I saw a great opportunity for personal development at VadoTech. Many locations where VadoTech or Zynit operate appeal to me. But the fact that VadoTech is part of AB Dynamics also played a role in my decision. That greatly increases the opportunities for development.
Marcos: The recruiting was also helpful for me – many questions were cleared up. I wanted to try something new and work at the other end of the value chain. The latest technology involved and the foreign assignment are what ultimately convinced me.

VadoTech: Plenty of good reasons! Manuel, you passed your master craftsman’s exam on 30/06/2022 in Rheinland-Pfalz as the best in your year. Congratulations! What are your goals while you’re in China?
Manuel: Honestly, I’m jumping in at the deep end without any major goals. Working with the latest technology in the automotive sector will definitely bring new opportunities for the future.

At the high-voltage training course in Berlin the team gets along very well and is even animal-friendly!

Expectations for China

VadoTech: Right. Alexander, I’ve already heard that you are a globetrotter. Have you ever been to China?
Alexander: No – so far I’ve only visited Indochina.

VadoTech: What attracts you to China?

Alexander: I wanted to go to a country where it’s difficult to stay as a tourist. I was interested in going to a country which is completely different from Germany.

VadoTech: Do you already have a sense of what to expect in China culturally, or are you just going to let things happen?
Manuel: I’m looking forward to being surrounded by an adventurous culture.
Marcos: I would like to go to the Great Wall of China. I have to experience that in person.

VadoTech: Do you have any concerns about the coronavirus or the related quarantine measures? Do you know what’s in store for you in this respect?
Manuel: Ten days in hotel prison [laughs]. But I’m actually looking forward to it.
Marcos: I can use the time to prepare for my Chinese driving licence. And you get a decent hotel through VadoTech. Books, podcasts and Duolingo will make the time pass quickly.

VadoTech: That’s a positive attitude! Here in our training centre in Berlin you’re professionally preparing yourselves for your work in China. What exactly do you learn in the high-voltage training course?
Marcos: We learn a lot about safety and procedure in high-voltage environments. It’s definitely helpful! My previous knowledge was much more basic, so the training course is a great help.
Alexander: There were also many important tips relating to vehicle development, which will definitely help us in China.

VadoTech: Nothing can go wrong then. What tips or advice would you give to other applicants? Candidates who are still toying with the idea of applying to us.
Manuel: Just take the plunge.
Marcos: Be open and at first simply listen!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me! We are delighted about the additions to our team and wish you a successful time in China.

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