Since 1997 we are a technical service provider and a business partner for automobile manufacturers.


From 1 to 280 in no time at all: Frank Beuler started his one-man company as a technical consultant for a German vehicle manufacturer in South-East Asia. In 1997, he settled his company in his city of residence at that time, the dynamic metropolis of Singapore, and has since acted as a technical service provider and partner of German OEMs the world over.

Making engineering history

Today, our group of companies employs more than 140 people and provides engineering services around the world. In 2011, VadoTech Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore after restructuring. Our subsidiary VadoTech Japan KK also offers clients support for testing – specially tailored to the needs of the Japanese market. In our group of companies, VadoTech Deutschland GmbH has global responsibility for the areas of recruiting, onboarding, marketing, education and training – at the Berlin location since 2013.

61 million kilometers through Europe

With Vista Servicios de Logística S.L., we offered clients at several locations in Europe complete support: both as an test center operator and through the support of individual projects outside of our own locations. Part of the daily business is building testing structures and processes, allocating infrastructure, technical support, driving staff and the organization of inspection & demonstration runs. Result: Since 2006, we’ve driven some 61 million km just in Europe – that’s 1,500 times around the world.

And more than 20 million kilometers across China

Since 2011, we’ve traversed China a staggering 680 times. That’s because Zynit Co. Ltd. was specially founded to support technology testing in the Chinese market. And we’re currently supporting OEMs across China at five locations and helping them adapt their technologies for market-specific requirements.

In our test center near Beijing, we as a site operator are responsible for both infrastructure and technical support for the test vehicles.


We only want one thing. The very best quality

We support our clients with vehicle testing by ensuring quality for the latest innovations and technologies in the overall driving system and taking it to the series production phase. We’re familiar with the future-oriented automotive topics in innovation and mobility and are proud to be able to offer every client the complete spectrum of services for comprehensive vehicle testing. We consider the different cultures of our global enterprise to be a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. The result is a highly motivated environment that both supports and challenges our employees. That doesn’t just sound really good. It is really good.

What makes us special: The people we can rely on

Aside from our passion and strong personal commitment, our employees offer a fascinating variety of professional qualifications. We use this potential to constantly advance developments for our clients. The most important factor is and remains our capacity to react and adapt. That’s because our employee commitment is simply invaluable and in particular our timing. The greatest degree of flexibility and the ability to think for ourselves set us apart from the rest.

Our vision: Your success story

We are a modern, future-oriented and economically stable company. Our vision is to be a reliable partner in the process of vehicle development. Together with our clients, we design the future with responsibility and competence.


  • Ulrich Potthoff

    General Manager at VadoTech Pte. LTD & Representative Director at VadoTech Japan KK

    After successfully completing his studies as a certified technician at the Westfalen Technikum Dortmund, Ulrich gained valuable experience in the automotive industry working in design and development before later starting as technical site director at VadoTech in 2003. Among other things, Ulrich worked as site director at our site in Japan for five years before taking on management of the office in Singapore in 2011. As representative director for Japan KK, he continues his responsibilities for the subsidiary’s activities.

    Not important but interesting: Ulrich is an enthusiastic helicopter pilot and motorcyclist.

  • Sebastian Rupprecht

    Founder of Zynit Co. Ltd.

    After successful completion of his degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in automotive engineering at the FH Munich, Sebastian began working as a developmental engineer in the field of passive vehicle safety before supporting Frank Beuler in 1999 as one of the first employees at the company in Asia. In 2005, he left the company to gather additional experience in client service at companies like Audi in China. In 2011, he founded the company Zynit together with Frank Beuler specifically to serve the needs of clients in the Chinese market. He took over the conception, development and management of the 5,600 m2 site near Beijing. With an approximately 120-strong team of technicians, drivers, interpreters, financial & administrative staff, he offers the full range of vehicle testing services from a single source.

    Not important but interesting: Sebastian has a true passion for automobiles and is born tester, which is evident from his early hobby with radio-controlled model cars. His passion for Asia began as a student during his first backpacking excursion across the continent.

  • Amir Al-Hosni

    Managing Director at VadoTech Deutschland GmbH

    As a trained master car mechanic, Amir worked for several years as a service consultant at BMW. Since 2010, he has supported the team as a technical site director and has worked at the site in Russia since 2014. 2016, he also took over senior management of our local subsidiary there. Amir has been Managing Director of VadoTech Deutschland GmbH since 2019 and heads the operative business for the areas of recruiting, onboarding, marketing as well as training and further education. In

    Not important but interesting: Amir loves artistic craftsmanship with a stylistic emphasis on the industrial era. Other than that, he loves a good coffee.

  • Georg Groß-Hardt

    Managing Director at VadoTech Servicios Técnicos S. L.

    Georg began his professional career as a car mechanic before successfully finishing his studies in Industrial Management at FH Münster. In 2007, Georg started work as a technical site director and took over management of the site in Japan for about 4 years. Starting in 2017, Georg took over the senior management for Vista and direct business operations in Europe. Since 2019 he is managing director of VadoTech Servicios Técnicos S.L. in Granada.

    Not important but interesting: Georg likes to spend his free time with sport activities such as jogging, mountain biking and hiking and later relaxing with a glass of red wine at a tapas bar.

  • Mario Kapitany

    Education & Training VadoTech Deutschland GmbH

    Mario had classic training as an automotive electrician and gained valuable practical experience at a Bosch car service station. In 2005, he started working worldwide as a technician with a focus on electronics. In 2013, he switched to management and is now responsible for education and training. As one of our most experienced technicians, he also supports our new colleagues throughout their training phase.

    Not important but interesting: Mario has a passion for motorcycles. And for travelling. His motto? There's no such thing as a bad trip when a motorcycle is involved.

  • Kathi Malon

    Recruiting VadoTech Deutschland GmbH

    Human resources from the ground up – that's Kathi. In 1993, she started out in the world of HR and has kept at it ever since. Initially at personnel services company in Berlin where she worked as an authorised signatory until 2005. As her need for change of scenery in Berlin grew, she decided to go to Istanbul. After five years at a major airline, she returned to Germany and took over recruiting for a direct insurance provider. Since February 2018, Kathi has been enriching VadoTech's team in Berlin and has been responsible for all aspects of recruiting and hiring personnel.

    Not important but interesting: Kathi is always part of the pack, which is why she devotes every minute of her free time to her family and their dog. Her second passion is good food. Which is fine by Kathi's friends, for whom she loves to cook just as much as her own family.

  • Tian Tian

    HR Manager Zynit Co. Ltd.

    Tian now has over 16 years of experience in the automotive sector. During this time, she has passed through all stages of the automotive industry as a project manager - from vehicle concept to production and market launch. In the process, she has accompanied several projects of renowned car manufacturers and now knows the automotive market in China very well.
    Tian has been responsible for human resources management in China at Zynit since 2022. Currently, she is responsible for employee support and the optimisation of work processes. As HR Manager, she also takes care of recruiting new employees.

    Not important, but interesting: foreign food cultures inspire Tian. Besides Chinese cuisine, she likes to try out many culinary dishes and believes in the principle of lifelong learning.

  • Yang Hui

    Staff Coordinator at Zynit Co. Ltd.

    Hui was born and raised in China. From 2013 to 2015, she worked for Zynit as Vehicle Coordinator for Audi Test Vehicles. Since she learned German as her first foreign language, she also took over the translation of the shift acceptances in China. From 2016 to 2018, she was active as a billing controller in the ZE department due to a restructuring of the company. In 2018 she took over the personnel coordination for the colleagues in China. In addition, she is your contact person when it comes to schedules and workflows.

    Not important, but interesting: Hui likes to travel and has been touring a lot abroad: Thailand, Sri Lanka and Europe were just a few destinations. She enjoys reading passionately, goes to the fitness center and is the proud owner of a motorcycle driver's license.