High-voltage training for start-ups in the second life sector

Electromobility is constantly growing in importance these days, and with it the relevance of assessing the life cycle of electric vehicle batteries. This makes our lecturers especially pleased to welcome the Voltfang team to our High Voltage training course in Berlin. Voltfang is a young start-up from Aachen that has set itself the goal of making the transport and energy transition in Europe sustainable. In a guest feature, the start-up team discusses the fascinating professional environment in the second life sector and explains why they chose the VadoTech Training Centre to pursue further training.

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Improving the life-cycle assessment of electric vehicles

We at Voltfang believe in a future where eco-friendly storage systems are networked together to form one virtual power station – to usher in a new energy era. Our mission is to make life worth living on earth possible for coming generations. We develop and produce domestic and commercial storage systems from second life electric vehicle batteries to make this happen. Recycling the batteries means that no additional resources need to be mined to produce our storage devices. This not only improves the life cycle assessment of electric vehicles and creates storage capacities for the energy transition, but also offers numerous users easier access to both the use and generation of renewable energies.
In the near future we also want to offer a container solution, the Voltfang Industrial plus. This move will open the door to sophisticated industrial projects, innovative district storage facilities and a wide range of grid services. At the same time, it will boost the expansion and decentralisation of the renewable energy supply. The high-voltage technology utilised makes it possible to increase energy efficiency even more and scale up to megawatt hours in a cost-effective manner.

High-voltage training for workplace safety at Vadotech in Berlin

Further training is essential for guaranteeing safety in the workplace and the proper handling of high-voltage batteries during product development.  The employees responsible for this therefore choose to complete a High Voltage training course at VadoTech.

During the course, the team learns important skills which help when it comes to disassembling battery packs and testing battery modules, for instance. In addition to imparting knowledge and skills, Voltfang wants to guarantee the highest possible level of protection for your employees.  Because of its modern equipment and practical experience, the VadoTech Training Centre remains the first choice. Our team also opted for on-site training at VadoTech and combined the training with a team event due to its central location in Berlin.

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