Testing services for the automotive and supplier industry

Testing services are becoming increasingly important for car manufacturers and suppliers due to the changing mobility technology. Networked vehicle systems are becoming significantly more complex, making the integration of new technologies increasingly costly and error-prone. Additionally, depending on the country, different legal requirements apply to vehicles and vehicles components, which must be compiled-with. At the same time, manufacturers (OEMs) have to be confident their vehciles will perform as expected in local climates and meet local customer requirements.

As your partner for safe and sustainable mobility, VadoTech tests the quality of your production, pre-series and series vehicles.

Complete vehicle testing: We know the market!

The development of hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and charging systems is driving the change in mobility and requires adapted testing and measurement procedures. In addition to technical expertise, organisational and logistical know-how are also important in complete vehicle testing. VadoTech has been an active service provider to the automotive and supplier industry since 1997. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with local market requirements:

Our services in an overview

Our global automotive experts ensure the quality of your automotive technologies

Would you like to bring your vehicle or your new development to market maturity?
Or have you changed suppliers and want to ensure the quality of your series-produced vehicles in the long term?
Our automotive experts test your vehicles and subsystems from the perspective of the end customer to ensure fault-free and legally compliant production. Through our training centre for electromobility, our experts are extensively trained and always up to date with the latest automotive technologies. Benefit from a global team of engineers, vehicle technicians and master craftsmen as well as qualified drivers.

Fault-free vehicles and subsystems? Now at VadoTech have them tested

From vehicle development and production to aftersales – VadoTech supports all projects in the automotive industry. Benefit from our comprehensive testing services from a single source. We test, analyse and validate your vehicles and subsystems so that you can produce without errors. How do we do this? Take a look at our video.

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