We have a diverse portfolio in the field of complete vehicle testing. Our business activities range from quality assurance (QA) to technical development (TD) as well as the provision of highly qualified vehicle specialists with special know-how.

18 locations. 2 decades. 1 passion

What true love for vehicles looks like. We’ve been in the business of serving large vehicle manufacturers since 1997. Our team of experienced technical personnel offer the whole range of services for vehicle testing all over the world: be it startup support in Brazil or Argentina or in Nigeria, South Korea and Malaysia. No matter if it’s special tests for motorcycles and trailers or cold journeys through Siberia – we love our profession.

VadoTech. The technicians

Anyone wanting to ensure quality for the latest innovations and technologies in the entire vehicle system and move it into series production should be supported by our team of technicians. Professionals specially trained in electrics/electronics and mechanics/mechatronics carry out extensive test procedures and analyses for prototypes and pre-series vehicles – and always in close cooperation with the client.

Our technicians are also ready when technical modifications for currently mass-produced models need verifying. For vehicle endurance trials, we identify functional problems under partly extreme conditions and offer possible smart solutions even during testing.

75 clever minds worldwide

It’s about passion. It’s about strong personal commitment. And it offers a range of professional qualifications that set this team apart from the rest. In equal thirds, the technical site coordinators, technicians for electrics/electronics and technicians for mechanics/mechatronics make up our staff. And every third gives 100%. Day by day.

Never stopping

Depending on the field, we also regularly educate and train our employees and place a particular emphasis on e-mobility and hybrid technology. For digitization and e-mobilization, 18 professional electricians (EFK) are perfectly prepared for the task: evaluating and cutting logger data, stress testing multimedia and assistance systems in megacities with average speeds of less than 15 kph. We’ll leave standing around to others.

Site Operations

I’ll have everything, please

In addition to technical assistance for vehicles, we operate several testing locations worldwide: We work to establish testing structures and processes as well as for the continuous operation of testing infrastructure. From workshop operation, service and maintenance to the operation of mobile cooling chambers, IT networks or organizing press and inspection runs. Everything in one group of companies to offer every client worldwide complete testing services. Some say it’s perfect. We say it’s goal-oriented.

83 million km covered since 2006

Our responsible test drivers run a multi-shift operation on the road and have covered about 83 million kilometers since 2006. Trained professionals also offer year-round street testing for motorcycles – from tour bikes to superbike racing. And if things were to fall silent again at this moment, you’d hear the music of the engines once again.

At home around the world

Need a few facts? 140 employees testing at over 18 locations with a focus on Asia and Europe. To be a bit more specific: We work in offices in Singapore and in Berlin, in Granada, Beijing and Tokyo. As partners, we’re both competent and flexible. On location at any time.

Technical services at a glance