Vehicle logistics at VadoTech: From preparation to completion

In each country, there are different challenges in vehicle logistics and component logistics that must be taken into account. To enable a smooth vehicle testing experience, we support our customers with our local expertise in logistics matters.

Save time with the logistic of your test vehicles

There are a number of challenges to consider when importing and exporting test vehicles, vehicle components and measurement equipment. Errors in regulatory compliance, supply chain coordination, transport security, customs clearance or insurance can lead to significant delays and associated additional costs.
Correct customs clearance and declarations are fundamental to ensuring tight testing schedules can be adhered to. It is therefore vital that your logistics team is up-to-date with the latest policies of the relevant country. VadoTech’s international team of experts together with our network of reliable logistics companies can support you worldwide with vehicle and component logistics, reducing the risk of costly errors.

Import and export services at a glance

In addition to processing import and export documentation and permits, we also relieve you of the burden of registering your vehicles and subsequent disposal and return transport.  

Vehicle logistics overseas in Asia

In Asia, the legal requirements regarding import and export vary greatly from country to country. Registration in China, for example, requires significant lead times, as exemptions for CCC certification must be checked in advance for the temporary import of prototypes, pre-production and production vehicles. There are also regional challenges and differences when applying for licence plates, for example. 

With our market experience across national borders, we can help you import and export smoothly. If you need damaged components for analysis and appraisal, we will arrange the return transport for you in a timely manner. If components have to be scrapped, we take care of the deadlines and dispose of the equipment according to country-specific requirements. Our team at VadoTech is familiar with the processes in the APAC region and will take care of the vehicle and component logistics for you right up to the last step.

Our services in an overview

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