Our expert staff

With our expert staff, you’ll always receive the best consultation. Each of our employees undergoes a brand-specific learning and training program before starting work. This ensures that new employees are ready to perform worldwide in the complex world of vehicle testing after the training phase. Our specially qualified experts for automotive information electrics/ electronics and automotive mechanics/mechatronics carry out extensive test procedures and analysis on prototypes, assistance systems and pre-production vehicles. There’s also the so-called team leader who coordinates his colleagues on site. This leader, like all colleagues, has many years of professional experience in the field of motor vehicles. In addition, the team leader takes care of the organization of the acceptance procedures at the board level and is always in close contact with you as a customer.

Some other tasks that our colleagues can assist you with are as follows:

  • technical changes to pre-existing models in the series
  • stress test assessment
  • preparation, planning and evaluation of special programs
  • installation, networking and configuration of data loggers
  • vehicle preparation
  • installation of measuring technology and sensors