Professional commissioning of vehicles at VadoTech

During vehicle commissioning, our experts at VadoTech check and test all systems of prototypes, test vehicles and production vehicles. Commissioning takes place in testing and production facilities. We offer comprehensive services to ensure that your vehicles are up to date and functioning smoothly. 

Our Services

To ensure that your vehicle operates safely, reliably, and in compliance with all applicable regulations, we offer the following vehicle commissioning services:

Improved product quality and safety through vehicle commissioning

Once the testing phase is complete vehicle commissioning can significantly contribute to the improvement of product quality and safety. With VadoTech, you have a reliable testing service provider who conducts an objective evaluation of your vehicles. Additionally, we also conduct special tests, such as extreme temperature or different road surface tests. With our expertise at VadoTech, you can shorten testing time and bring your vehicles to market faster.

Quality control before market launch and for production vehicles

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous complex systems and technologies that must be successfully integrated to provide an exceptional customer experience. Faulty system integration or configuration can lead to malfunctions that compromise the user experience or even safety. As a result, vehicle commissioning is not only important before market launch but also during the further development of production vehicles. Our automotive experts at VadoTech focus on detecting errors and ensuring customer satisfaction during the quality control of your vehicles and systems. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to perform the commissioning of your vehicles quickly and efficiently.

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