Tailored vehicle test centre solutions for automotive manufacturers

As a vehicle manufacturer you understand the importance of comprehensively testing of complete vehicles and individual systems and components before model launches and major software and system updates. A dedicated VadoTech test centre tailored to your individual testing needs offers you maximum testing flexibility. And with our capability to operate test centres all around the world you can easily align your testing strategy to your growth markets.

What is a VadoTech vehicle testing centre?

A vehicle test centre is a dedicated central base from which testing activities are managed. It houses all the infrastructure required for testing vehicles and subsystems including a suitable workshop area, vehicle storage areas, offices and conference rooms. Our experts design, plan and build test centres, with variable scope and size according to your requirements.

We pay particular attention to location selection to ensure that a wide range of testing circuits are available, including test tracks, urban, rural and motorway driving depending on your requirements. 

Security is key to any new model development programme. Our centres feature restricted access by means of ID checks by on-site security personnel. In addition to restricting access, we provide you with prototype-proof parking areas so that all tests can be carried out in the strictest secrecy. 

Respond flexibly to market changes and legal requirements across national borders

In vehicle development, it is important that you react quickly and flexibly to market changes. For example, if your sales numbers increase in a particular market, country-specific testing becomes more relevant in that market. We can help you respond by setting up a testing environment in the market of your choice quickly and tailored exactly to your requirements. 

A dedicated testing centre is invaluable for evaluating legal and customer-specific adaptations of software and systems in the relevant countries. We can provide you with the ideal infrastructure for achieving this efficiently. You remain flexible and do not have to be on site. 

VadoTech has decades of experience in rapidly deploying test centres around the world, enabling you to ensure that your models are always able to fulfil the needs of the markets most important to you. Since 1997 we have been a trusted test centre partner for major vehicle manufacturers in 16 countries.

Minimise risks and costs with a VadoTech test centre 

Successfully planning, setting-up and managing a test centre is time-consuming, cost-intensive and a challenge you can’t afford to get wrong. By outsourcing to VadoTech you can minimise risk by leveraging our decades of experience in location selection, equipment sourcing, local real estate management, as well as managing the intricacies of local politics and bureaucracy. Plus, we can offer a fully comprehensive service that covers all aspects of centre set-up and management, or we can tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.

We cover all aspects of a vehicle test centre set-up and management:

Leverage our local compliance and recruitment knowledge

One of the greatest challenges in managing a test centre is ensuring compliance with local legal requirements, particularly when it comes to vehicle and parts logistics. Our experienced team of experts at VadoTech has over 20 years experience in working with authorities around the world. We understand legal requirements when it comes to the logistics of customs clearance and registration – saving you time and money. 

In addition to ensuring local compliance, VadoTech also takes care of the recruitment and provision of expert automotive specialists. This includes the recruitment of qualified drivers, vehicle testers and engineers. Whether we are looking for local specialists or expats, we can source the expertise you need. 

Certified test equipment for successful vehicle development

In order to obtain quality data, you need the right test equipment. We take care of that for you by providing your centre with the latest certified equipment needed for a successful test program, including lifting platforms, tyre equipment, ADAS calibration tools, wheel aligners, cooling chambers and more. Whatever the testing requirement is, we set up the test centre so that your vehicle development program runs smoothly and successfully.

Planning, scope and costs of a vehicle test centre

Each test centre we operate for our customers’ vehicle development is unique. The implementation time and costs depend accordingly on the local conditions and your requirements. Although VadoTech is able to set up and operate a test centre from A to Z, we can tailor a flexible solution to meet your needs. 

To develop a solution we require information including the number of vehicles, vehicle type, services required and the type of tests. Once all basic questions have been clarified, we check with regard to your plans whether appropriate infrastructure is already available, otherwise we can calculate the construction of a test centre including the relevant infrastructure. We will be happy to provide recommendations on the scope of services and advise you individually.

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