Vehicles and components must be tested

The testing of new vehicles is particularly important for the assurance of vehicle quality under a variety of local conditions. These include dust, heat, cold or high altitudes. Both before production approval as a production vehicle, as well as for further quality assurance during production, in order to ensuring the best possible quality, comprehensive vehicle, component and function tests must be carried out.

VadoTech Zynit tests, documents and evaluates

We support you in the preparation as well as in the organization and the execution of your test drives. We test on public roads and closed racing and test tracks. In the course of the test cycle, the vehicles are regularly updated in terms of hardware and software and brought up to the latest levels. In addition, through regular electronic readout of the vehicles, an attempt is made to accelerate the debugging process as well as possible. New developments of vehicles or systems always aspire to consolidate or expand their own market position. During benchmark investigations, we carry out extensive comparison tests and use defined comparison criteria to assess the positioning of your product against the competition and from the perspective of the critical customer.

Your test fleet is in good hands with us

No No matter if your vehicle testing involves quality assurance and development , production or after sales, you can rely on our VadoTech – Zynit expert team in one, two or three shifts.

  • test drives
  • testing autonomous driving
  • safeguarding trial
  • endurance testing
  • hardware and software analysis
  • hardware and software update
  • data input for control units
  • comparative tests
  • fleet management of test vehicles