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Autonomous vehicle components in vehicle testing

With vehicle testing we supply the automotive industry and its suppliers. VadoTech provides a comprehensive range of full vehicle and vehicle subsystem testing services, supporting our customers in ensuring the quality of production, pre-series and series vehicles and bringing automotive technologies to market maturity.

Vehicle testing at VadoTech – services at a glance

Each of our automotive projects is individual. Together we create the right testing concept for your automotive technologies, tailored to your requirements and the respective country or market. The following list gives you an overview of our testing services we offer at test centers around the world:

Who are VadoTech’s vehicle testing services relevant for?

Vehicle testing is primarily relevant for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive service providers. These include car manufacturers, truck manufacturers, suppliers of automotive components and sometimes even software developers. Each of these customers wants to use our testing services to find out whether a vehicle or subsystem works faultlessly under all conditions and in different environments. 

Each product launch in a specific country or market requires a country-specific testing before. Our customers outsource this time-intensive service, as well as for legal and customer-specific requirements. Our team tests the entire vehicle, but also software or system modifications. By outsourcing the testing, our customers stay flexible, reduce costs, and transfer responsibility to us. Each project we handle at VadoTech in vehicle testing is individual, and we are happy to advise you beyond your requirements specification. With our long-standing experience, we actively support our customers in finding the right service scope.

Three phases in testing: vehicle development, quality assurance and series vehicle testing

In our vehicle testing projects, we distinguish three phases: the vehicle development, the quality assurance of pre-series vehicles before market entry, and the testing of series vehicles. For further information on each testing phase, click on the following contents.

1. Vehicle development with prototypes

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During vehicle development, our experts test prototypes and provide technical support. Our technicians drive your vehicles under a wide variety of weather and climate conditions to document, analyze and evaluate faults. Depending on customer requirements, there are different driving profiles. The Highway Route focuses on high speed driving performance, while the City Route focuses on performance in stop-start driving environments. The Country Road Route is intended for medium speeds where certain obstacles occur. 

2. Quality assurance of pre-series vehicles

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The testing of pre-series vehicles is about the last fault analysis before market launch. In this phase of vehicle testing, the focus is mainly on software and hardware. This includes, for example, the testing of navigation systems, ADAS, infotainment or apps. At this point, our technicians test from the perspective of the end customer.

3. Testing of series production vehicles

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Vehicle testing is also relevant after market launch. Testing of production vehicles includes the testing of updates or new components. It may also be that a car manufacturer changes suppliers and wants to continue to ensure the quality of its vehicle and the associated components. 

Testing autonomous vehicles

Our experts are increasingly testing autonomous vehicles or their components that are already autonomous. Especially here, vehicle testing is essential for safety reasons. We offer testing services up to autonomy level 5. We test level 5 driverless technologies on test tracks in accordance with legal requirements and levels 3 and 4 on public roads.

V2X: The innovation in overall vehicle testing

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything Communication) is an important trend in overall vehicle testing. As part of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), V2X allows vehicles to exchange data and information with each other as well as with other road users and infrastructures. This improves the safety, efficiency and environmental compatibility of vehicles.
Automotive manufacturers can evaluate and improve the complex technology behind the connectivity services through extensive testing. VadoTech tests your V2X technology in different scenarios according to your requirements. With the comprehensive test results, you can further develop your intelligent traffic systems and provide a seamless customer experience.

Reference project 

Compatibility test of vehicles and the nationwide charging infrastructure in Japan

The scope of a vehicle test varies greatly. With a compatibility test of vehicles and the nationwide charging infrastructure, we would like to describe an exemplary reference project: In Japan, an automobile manufacturer commissioned us to test several vehicle models during the charging process.

Please note that we are obliged to maintain confidentiality as part of our projects and can therefore only describe reference projects to a limited extent. For this reason, we have to refrain from mentioning specific manufacturers or numbers in this reference.

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