Annual training

Online or presence | Berlin or in-house | German or English | 6 hours

Course description

Staying up-to-date with technical and safety knowledge is paramount for professionals engaged in activities such as maintenance, repair, and servicing of electrical systems, ensuring accident prevention and enhancing operational safety. Our annual Electricians’ Training (EFK) encompasses comprehensive refresher sessions, aligning with ArbSchG §12, BetrSichV §12, DGUV Regulation 1 §4, Regulation 3, and VDE 0105-100.


Includes at least 8 teaching units

Training content


Elektrofachkraft (EFK), Fachkundige Person (FHV)

Maximum number of participants

Online unlimited, in-person max. 12 persons


Instruction without exam


Each participant receives a certificate after successfully passing the assessment. All certificates contain the following contents:

This certificate is relevant to be able to prove the correct qualification e.g. in front of the employers’ liability insurance association or the employer.


€ 500,-

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