High voltage training level 1

Online or in-person | Berlin or in-house | German & English | 3 h

Course description

The high-voltage (HV) training level 1 course qualifies participants in the safe operation of electric vehicles, as well as for working on high-voltage vehicles. Work on the high-voltage system itself or on high-voltage components is excluded. The participants gain an understanding of the structure and mode of operation of high-voltage components and are familiarised with the installation position and labelling of high-voltage components. Trainees are also instructed on how not to observe the specifications and the associated possible electrical hazards, e.g. dangerous body flow or arcing.


Includes four online teaching units

Training content

In accordance with DGUV I 209-093 



Maximum number of participants

Online unlimited, in-person max. 12 persons


Written examination


Each participant receives a certificate after successfully passing the assessment. All certificates contain the following contents:

This certificate is relevant to be able to prove the correct qualification e.g. in front of the employers’ liability insurance association or the employer.


No time limit


€ 179,-

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