Working under voltage

In-person | Berlin or in-house | German & English | 3 days

Course description

The qualification is aimed at skilled workers who have to carry out work under voltage. (AuS) During this training, participants are made aware of dangers that arise, for example, during troubleshooting or repairs to live HV components and energy storage devices. This additional qualification is also necessary if work takes place in the vicinity of touchable live parts. 

Suitable measuring equipment and personal protective equipment, as well as high-voltage vehicles, systems and components are required for the practical part of the course. Therefore, the course takes place in presence. For on premises training, our instructors can train directly on the customer’s product.


Includes at least 24 teaching units

Training content

In accordance with DGUV I 209-093


Qualification as an electrical specialist in vehicle technology (EFK) or as a competent person (FHV)

Maximum number of participants

Max. 8 persons


Written examination


Each participant receives a certificate and an AuS passport after completing the qualification measure. All certificates contain the following contents:

This certificate is relevant to be able to prove the correct qualification e.g. in front of the employers’ liability insurance association or the employer.


The qualification should be repeated at regular intervals. According to the DGUV, this is recommended every 4 years.


€ 895,-

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